Polycystic ovarian disease is one of the burning problem today . Because of erratic life style , unwholesome diet, stress there is a disturbance in the hormonal level which causes elevation of male hormone (androgen ) in female body.This imbalance causes irregular mences, excessive hairs,acne, pelvic pain etc .Pcos is one of the leading cause of infertility at present.In long standing pcos complications such as type 2diabetes, heart disease, endometrial cancer, mood disorders may observed.Acco to Ayurveda due to accumulation of toxins(doshas)in the body causes obstruction lead to hormonal disturbance .In order to address this problem Ayurveda has developed a unique way ie shodhan treatment ie cleansing the body.As far as pcos is concerned vamana followed by basti and rasyana therapy helps .We at Chakrapani hospital treated such cases successfully by specifically designed DSET method.which not only cures but also prevents further recurrence.


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