Most of the times it is observed that the fractures can not get healed by most advance treatments these conditions are called Non healing fractures
The reason for Non union are
1) Avascular Necrosis
2) Infections
3) Improper Reduction
Most of the time there are ather reasons also like old age, addictions(alcohol,smoking etc),poor nutritional status, thyroid disease
If the bones failed to get healed the patient will feel pain at the affected site,there will be restricted movements lead to change in gait.some times these conditions leads to deformity which make the life miserable for the patient.It is observed that due to pre-existing diseases like diabetes, tuberculosis, cardiac disease surgical intervention is not possible.In this hopeless situation Chakrapani Ayurveediya Chikitsalaya designed scientific treatment specifically for non healing fractures.
It includes
1)Diet Management
2) External Treatment
3) Panchakarma Treatment
4) Internal Medicine
These treatments can be used along with the Allopathy treatment to cut down the healing period.The speciality of chakrapani chikitsalaya is that different experts from the field of Ayurveda are available for consultation.The uniqueness of chakrapani chikitsalaya is to offer best Ayurveda treatment with out compramising quality.
In nutshell I can surely say that chakrapani chikitsalaya is a ray of hope for such crippling patients
Vd Mayur Kulkarni
Chakrapani Ayurveda chikitsalaya Nashik


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